"A vacation is having nothing to do and
all day to do it in."
 - Robert Orben

Customer Feedback

"The most affordable, accommodating, and fun beach rental service on the Grand Strand! I recommend the Cabana Boy Deluxe Rental Package." - Cady, California

"You will so love yourself if you let Mike and Cabana Boy service put up and take down your tent. We have done it ourselves for years and what a pain! Just walk out of your beach house in the morning and walk back in the afternoon. No tent to deal with. Mike and staff are so easy to work with, very pleasant young men and women, conscientious and dependable. Give yourself an extra vacation from tent stuff. Totally, seriously recommend!" - Marian, South Carolina

"Perfect day! Thanks, Cabana Boy!" - Danielle, South Carolina

"Beginning day 1 Season 1, Cabana Boy Beach Services has been the indispensable luxury we can not possibly live without for our weeks at Pawleys. Not only is Mike and his team professional and on top of our every need, his personality makes every tent going up and down enjoyable!" - Sherry, Texas

"What a great week! Thanks Cabana Boy for the awesome service!" - Char, Virginia

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